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New Generation Micro Plus Certificates
What is New Generation Micro Plus?

Micro Plus is an electro therapy device that has been specially developed on the top level by mixing micro and galvanic currents. Considering the counterparts, it is the only system that has the most secure technology. It is effective on the areas that have local weight problems. Micro Plus enables body to restore its natural form. Removal of the cellulite and the renewal and repair of the connective tissues. By increasing the activity of connective tissue (ligaments), it increased the production of the collagen and elastin. It increases the circulation of blood and synthesis of protein and therefore increases the cell metabolism of the skin structure. Therefore, all the improvement and activation that have been provided within the cell will regulate the tainting of the cellulite that orange peel look and all the tissues within the area of cellulite will be renewed and return to the normal skin tissue look again and the skin itself will be tightened with the help of Micro Plus.

What does New Generation Micro Plus provide?
Tightening the Skin

A Micro Plus application are based on the stimulation of the muscles by giving electric currents to the muscles on various wave lengths and creates isometric contradictions on the muscles and helps self-lift the body itself. Muscle structure tries to gain the energy it requires by using ATP first. However, since ATP is depleted in a short period of time, then the muscles begin to use the glycogen and the fat within its own tissues and gather the energy. Therefore, by using energy we are able to reduce the fat tissue that has been localized in certain parts of the body by using energy. By tightening the regional cellulite, we are able to make fixations. By electric stimulations that we give to said areas, core cell of the connective tissue, fibroblast is stimulated by transferring from the skin to muscle. This operation enables the renewal and tightening of the skin. Collagen of fibroblast is the cells that produce all the molecules that provide youth and freshness by the elastic fibers and extractible matrix components on the skin. This device is especially created for losing weight and body lifting and also provides the sport effect. The essential goal of executing sports is to use these muscles and make such muscles move. Micro Plus provides this by isometric contractions without executing any physical activities enables the muscles to move. Therefore athletes are able to use this device in order to prevent their muscles from atrophy and when they have any chronical diseases and after a long recovery period, they are using this device for the development programs for support and in order to protect the structure and the form of the body. Therefore, Micro Plus that has been preferred by the athletes is an effective alternative for the individuals that are lazy for physical activities. Our direct goal is to stimulate the muscles. Micro Plus provides contraction and directly creates the effect of the physical activities. The body tightens just as the physical activities and the saggy areas are being lifted.

A Painless Method

Aside from the tightening and reducing effect of the Micro Plus, there is one other effect, too: the support for the rejuvenation. This device will threat the sagginess of the skin and helps the tightening and lifting of the skin as well. You can feel the effect of this device after the end of the first session. However, the real results can be seen after the end of 12 sessions, two times per week. Within the six week lifting on the face, rejuvenation and other lifting effects can be clearly seen. Similarly, the correspondent effect can also be seen in the other parts of the body such as arms, abdomen, hips and legs. The most impressive part is the pain is too little and the patients are only feeling a fly bite with the low frequency signals, during the electric currents was being executed. Other than that there is not any additional pain and when the muscles are not working for a long time a little ache on the muscles can be felt at the end of the initial few sessions. Just as an individual who are not participating in any physical activities for a long period of time or not executing any heavy duties are feeling cramps and contractions, it is the same situation as well. Kindly be reminded that this treatment should only be executed with the guidance of a dietitian for the overweight patients. Micro Plus is perfect for the individuals that are not moving around enough and participate in physical activities and therefore having sagginess and regional anointments in their bodies because it is exactly the sport for the lazy individuals. While you are lying down, your muscles are working and after a certain period of time your body is tightening significantly.

Technical Properties

Technical Properties Input Voltage : 220-240 VAC 50 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption : 50 Watt
Protection : a-Ground Connection
b- Current Fuse
c-Voltage Noise Filter
d- On-Off switch
Control : a- 7 ’’ TFT LCD Screen
b- Touch Panel
Output : One Prob Connection four units of Mono Jack
Output Frequencies : a- 100 Hz fixed , modulation set on 10-200 Hz
b- 50 Hz fixed , modulation set on10-200 Hz
c- 50 Hz fixed , time impact modulation set on 10-200

Micro Plus Application Areas

Lifting treatment depending of the sagginess
Regional densification
Abdomen lifting
Legs and bottom densification
Chest densification
Back lifting
Arm lifting
Face lift densification, facial oval emergence, improvement on elasticity.
Regional slimming
Cellulite treatment